Picasso and the old town

Talk about Picasso in Barcelona is talk about the Old Town. During his life in Barcelona most of their time was in this lovely neighborhood, his parent’s house, his Art Academy… this tour is around the houses Picasso lived and worked in, around the places he frequented.
Picasso Private Tour, a fantastic way to discover the city of Barcelona itself, with its hidden corners that still preserve many of the features of those fascinating years at the turn of the 20th century. You will find too the rather humble lodgings of the budding artist the fantastic leap an extremely gifted person and tireless worker could make with some luck, from the mediocrity in art and fortune to heights of creativity and fame as well to making real money from his work.
Welcome to the great Picasso tour!

We Propose:

  • Discover the genius of Picasso.
  • Great works of Picasso with an expert guide.
  • Art and artist and how he lived.
  • Barcelona Old Town tour: the Gothic Quarter.

Talk about Picasso in Barcelona is talk about the Old Town


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